Google Shopping helps grow your business.
Grow your business with Google's shopping search engine, leveraging the skills and expertise of our team!

Google analytics

Elements of success

Google Shopping

Product information optimisation

Product data optimisation improves relevance, ad placement, and visitor traffic for your shopping campaigns.


E-commerce optimisation

We will help you optimise the relevant pages of your products and the checkout process to increase customer spending.


Advertising campaign structure

Sceglieremo la struttura migliore per la tua attività, assicurandoci che le offerte possano essere piazzate ai livelli pertinenti e utilizzando etichette personalizzate.


Analyze and refine

Adottando un approccio iterativo, analizzeremo e miglioreremo continuamente le prestazioni delle campagne, fino ai singoli prodotti, per valutare e migliorare la redditività.

What is our main objective?
To assist you in strengthening your business.

Account setup and pricing:
The PPC experts at Markeplay can set up and optimize your shopping campaigns or conduct a thorough audit of existing campaigns with practical recommendations.

Account setup and optimization

  • check Comprehensive account setup and optimization service
  • check Industry research and competition analysis
  • check Campaign and ad group creation
  • check Offer strategy formation
  • check E-commerce and conversion rate analysis
  • check "Written" ppc strategy you can follow
  • €349.00 + VAT (one-time)
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PPC Account Control

  • checkFull account management
  • checkIndustry research and competitive analysis
  • checkAnalysis of existing shopping campaigns
  • checkAnalysis of existing bids
  • checkE-commerce analysis and conversion rate analysis
  • checkPeriodic email audits
  • €349.00 + VAT (one-time)
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Management and optimization services
Continual management of your existing shopping campaigns, optimization to improve CTR, reduce CPA, and find new opportunities.


  • checkSuitable for budgets up to €1000/month
  • checkCampaign review
  • checkMonthly campaign optimization
  • checkManagement of the weekly bid strategy
  • checkMonthly performance and progress report
  • checkDedicated account manager
  • €199.00 + VAT / month
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  • checkSuitable for budgets from €1000 to €5000/month
  • checkMonthly written performance review
  • checkWeekly optimization of campaigns
  • checkManagement of bi-weekly offer strategy
  • checkMonthly performance and progress report
  • checkDedicated account manager
  • €399.00 + VAT / month
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