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Ready-to-use integrations; no third-party apps, plugins or modules.

Shipping and logistics

Manage your shipments with the main couriers directly on the platform in the dedicated section. You don't need any contract because we guarantee for you.


Product configurator:

Offer the possibility to purchase personalised, tailor-made and very complex products through our templating system and the formula editor. No technical knowledge required or need to change code.



Accounting system to issue invoices, credit notes, debit notes directly on the platform. Manage accounting in the orders tab with one click.


Customer reviews

Confidence in your e-commerce is created by satisfied customers. Collect reviews directly with our out-of-the-box solution.



Do you want to create a vertical market in your sector? Transform your e-commerce into a marketplace and collaborate with your competitors in a win-win relationship.


Cross sell and up sell

Create upselling, cross-selling, similar, and related product rules easily and quickly using tags. These tools are designed to boost revenue growth.

360° customization


Visual Page Builder

Easily and intuitively edit site pages with a drag-and-drop tool that doesn't require writing any line of code.


Customise the theme

Choose the theme you want to use from the various available options, which are constantly updated. Customise the colors, add the sections you want to display on the homepage, and go online within a few hours.


Customised checkout

Customise every aspect of the shopping experience using the available SDKs and APIs.


Mobile Responsive

Your website will be automatically responsive from day one, requiring no changes from the homepage to the checkout process.


Preview mode

Verify and control the changes made before publishing, ensuring confidence in the final result.


Optimised product creation

Customise the product upload process by displaying or hiding unnecessary information within the customised templates.

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Marketing first

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Vouchers and discounts

Create and activate discounts for specific customers or certain categories, and encourage customers to try your products/services.


Website speed

Reduce bounce rates on your e-commerce website. We guarantee an optimal website speed regardless of site complexity, number of users, or number of available products.


Payment methods

Dozens of payment methods are available for activation to facilitate conversion for all users. You can also activate installment payments today itself.


SEO Friendly

The platform is optimised for SEO automatically, ensuring improved indexing on Google even if some important sections are incomplete. The site map is generated automatically. It offers easy editing of metadata and a guided feature for 301 redirects.


Smart search bar

We integrate Elasticsearch into all stores to provide refined and accurate product search. Customise the products to display using search key settings on the product page.


Email marketing

Customise the basic emails to be sent to your customers, such as the welcome email, abandoned cart recovery email, or post-purchase email.

Unify your sales channels

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Create and manage multiple e-commerce websites from a single platform. This feature is useful if you sell in multiple markets, have different brands, or need to manage multiple e-commerce websites within your organization.



Integrate with major marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and manage orders from your Markeplay dashboard



Reach potential customers on social media and your audience by easily creating shops on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google with immediate integration.



Easily switch between storefronts without the need for new logins or exiting the dashboard. Simply go to the "Sales Channels" section, and you can view all your assets.

No territorial limits

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Satisfy your customers around the world by accepting payments in over 100 currencies and with major local providers based on the country.



Dynamic front end based on the user's country within the e-commerce platform. Translation is available directly in the back office.



Anywhere in the world, thanks to our CDN (Content Delivery Network), the website will load quickly and sheltered.

Scalable business

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Distributed catalogue

Share your catalog on other e-commerce platforms or make it available to your customers with just one click. They can sell your products on their own e-commerce platforms for shared growth..



Compare rates directly in the back office, create and manage shipments without the need for direct contracts with couriers.



Automate sales taxes and customise them based on products or categories using custom tax tables. Create invoices with just one click in the order tab.


Reports and statistics

View sales statistics for each selling channel, evaluate the data, and make informed decisions to support growth.


Social Login

Allow your customers to easily access your platform using their major social profiles, breaking down barriers to purchase.

Reliability and security

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First-class uptime

Markeplay guarantees a highly reliable infrastructure, allowing us to offer a 95% uptime and stable performance.


Daily backup and restore

We will automatically perform daily backups of your e-commerce, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Support and Academy

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Dedicated expert

Plan and launch your e-commerce with the help of a dedicated Markeplay expert or certified partners.



Constant and multichannel technical and commercial assistance.



Find the right answers for API integration and SDK usage in the dedicated section.



Learn everything about the e-commerce world, online sales, management, and digital marketing with free courses for you and your team within the Markeplay Academy.


Help Center

Access the dedicated section to resolve all your doubts and find detailed guides on any feature of the back office



Take part in events and meetups, follow us on social media channels, and engage in forum discussions to become part of the large and ambitious Markeplay’s ecosystem.

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