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A reliable, scalable, and secure solution to build marketplaces for products or services.

Markeplay is a cloud-based software that is fully customisable and allows you to noticeable reduce time to market in just a few hours, along with the required investments compared to other solutions.

Easy, fast, and customisable

You can launch your business in a few minutes, customize the front end using our page builder or integrating yours own with the APIs we provide. You can also customize the registration page to increase conversion rates and create a unique experience for new users.


Scalable infrastructure

Rely on a secure, reliable, and stable infrastructure to smoothly handle high traffic, orders, or growth at any time. Server maintenance, updates, and ensuring the security of your data and your customers' data will be our responsibility.


No expertise required

Creating and launching a marketplace with Markeplay does not require any technical expertise or the need to work with code.



Accounting System for Generating Invoices, Credit Notes, and Debit Notes within the Platform. Manage your Accounting in the Order Dashboard with a Single Click.

Fast and Easy with Markeplay

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API Documentation with guides and examples


Customisable front end with popular frameworks


Support from our team


Simple and flexible back office


Customisable registration page

Are you a developer?

Are you a developer?

API Documentation

The Flex APIs are sturdy, user-friendly, and come with comprehensive documentation, including numerous code examples.

View Flex API Reference


Customised front end

Flex's open-source React templates get you a fully functional marketplace up and running in minutes

Consulta i template su Github


Intuitive SDKs

The Flex Javascript SDK makes calling Flex APIs easy. It handles authentication, data serialisation, and other groundwork.

Flex Javascript SDK in GitHub


Powerful CLI

Configuring things such as search schema and transaction process versions is effortless with the Flex CLI.


Build your own design

Sketch, Figma & Adobe XD templates make building unique user interfaces enjoyable.

Download Design files



Flex's open-source React templates get you a fully functional marketplace up and running in minutes.

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Direct access to support

If you have any questions, you can email us and get a response directly from the engineers who built Flex.

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Global community of developers

Join a global community of 1,000+ developers building marketplaces in a new way.

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