Elevate your online sales with Markeplay Connector
Integrate your business with the largest marketplaces and reach a new level of online sales!

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Connect to success with Markeplay Connector

Manage everything in one platform.

Integration with Marketplaces

One of the great features offered by Markeplay is the "Markeplay Connector" service, which allows you to integrate the platform with well-known existing marketplaces.

This service is extremely useful for anyone looking to sell their products on various marketplaces and manage the entire workflow in a single platform, without having to switch between different sites for order management.

Simplified management

With Markeplay Connector, it is possible to download orders from different marketplaces directly onto the Markeplay platform.

This allows you to manage all stages of the sales process, from invoicing to shipping with couriers, directly from the Markeplay platform, quickly and intuitively.

Integrated efficiency

With this new service, sellers can focus on selling their products and managing their online stores without wasting time on order management across different sites and platforms. Additionally, by being able to handle everything in a single platform, sellers can gain a comprehensive and detailed view of their online business, improving efficiency and increasing productivity.