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Premium Markeplay setup services

Setting up an online store can be time-consuming, especially if you've never done it before. From creating content pages to adding individual products you could spend hours getting your site perfect. But if you don't have time to do it, or if you think that your time can be used in a different way by dedicating it to other aspects of your business, the Premium services offered by Markeplay guarantee you a faster and more efficient setup of your online business.


What can you expect

Once you purchase your plan, a Markeplay expert will take care of the process from start to finish, migrating data, customizing the theme, and optimizing your e-commerce for guaranteed success.

Additional Services offered by Markeplay

consigli sul tema dell'e-commerce

1. Advice on the subject

A Markeplay expert will guide you through the available themes and recommended options that will be most useful for your business. After agreeing on the choice, it will install the theme on your account.

When we will agree and choose the theme, we will study the trends in the market, the competitors of the site and the typical daily customization of your product category.

personalizzazione del tema dell'e-commerce

2. Theme customization

We'll personalize your chosen theme with your branding and company colors to ensure your signature remains consistent across the site.

We will help you with choosing and uploading images, with the configuration of content and pages.

configurazione del check-out

3. Checkout configuration

We will carefully monitor your checkout settings. This includes configuring shipping costs, based on the country to which the goods will be destined, which payment methods you want to implement, and which tracking scripts you want to adopt.

If you are not sure which payment method is best suited to your needs, one of our experts can advise you on various choices based on the benefits that these can bring to you and your customers.

caricamento dei dati

4. Loading data

If your item information is available on a document, we can easily import it into your Markeplay account. All you have to do is send us your document with the data available so we can check it and make sure it's ready to be imported.

One of our experts can also support you in the process of creating new articles and product categories.

e-commerce setup

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and fantastic tool offered by Google that helps you track the activity of your customers on your ecommerce. Your Markeplay expert can create a Google Analytics account and connect it to your site by installing a tracking code in your Markeplay account.

If you use advertising platforms like Google ADS or Meta, we can connect them to your account by installing the conversion tracking code.


6. Domain name, DNS & Go Live

When you are ready to launch your e-commerce, an expert will take care of the technical part for you by connecting your domain name to the e-commerce created on Markeplay by changing the DNS settings.

Finally we will guide you through the entire publishing process.

Controlleremo ogni parte del tuo e-commerce per assicurarci che tutto funzioni correttamente.

Faq for users

In this section you will find the main FAQs. If there is no information of your interest, you can contact one of our experts and clarify all your doubts.

Talk to a consultant


What can I expect for my shop setup?

A complete configuration service, which transforms the empty layout of a Markeplay account into a beautiful, fully functional e-commerce ready to start selling online.


What data can you import for me?

We can import category, product and customer data from any document you have. You will need to provide us with the product data on a spreadsheet which we will then change to Markeplay format and import for you.


How long does the process take

Store setups typically take about 2-4 weeks, but can often be completed quicker. There are many variables involved, so if you are working to a deadline please contact us and we will discuss it.


What are the first steps?

We will first ask you to complete our setup questionnaire which asks many different questions about what you are trying to achieve.


Can you help me with pictures?

Installation packages do not include assistance with producing product or category images (except as part of the import process). If you need help with images, get in touch with us and together we'll understand your needs and agree on a solution.


Can the theme be customised?

The installation packages use the flexibility of Markeplay themes. This means we can customize the colors and branding, text and images. If you need further customization, we can provide you with a custom quote. Contact us!

Our installation packages

Choose one of our installation packages below to get started

Markeplay services

  • chevron_right Support in choosing the theme
  • chevron_right Color combination and branding customization
  • chevron_right Tutorial on how to add products and categories
  • chevron_right Setting up text/info pages (e.g. About Us)
  • chevron_right Setup assistance with payment gateways
  • chevron_right Setting up your shipping methods
  • chevron_right Support for importing products, categories, orders and customers
  • chevron_right Setting up Google Analytics for any monitoring
  • chevron_right Domain name DNS changes for go live
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Markeplay Service

  • chevron_right Headless Commerce


  • We will use the most modern frameworks dedicated to the front end for you to interface the client side with the Markeplay software: in this way you will be able to interface your showcase with an e-commerce and a ready-to-use back-office, in the cloud, stable and reliable.